Our Schools

Northwest Middle & High School

We are proud of the integral roles that our parents, students, staff and Board members at our campus. 

Atsá Biyáázh Community School

A safe and friendly campus where our educators apply a commitment of excellence in their interactions with students.

Continuing Enrollment for Atsá Biyáázh Community School and Northwest Middle & High School runs April 29 through May 17.
Open Enrollment begins May 13

Vision Statement

Instilling the importance of and creating space needed for Nitsáhákees. Providing the tools and foundation for Nahat’á. Educating how to protect and maintain the knowledge gained from Ilná, and cultivating the strength and stability of Sihasin. 

Mission Statement

Providing real world application to the “Rising Generation” by implementing College and Career Readiness captivated by traditional Diné Norms and Values. 

Shiprock Associated Schools, Inc. is based on the Diné Philosophy of Life and incorporates the positive attributes of modern American society. We strive to clear a path and lead the way to enabling our Diné to understand how to live a good life. We are committed to the present and future wellbeing of our students, their families, communities and the Diné. 


SASI School Philosophy

The four norms of traditional Diné Fundamental laws provide the guidance for our school programs and activities. 

K’E’: Knowing relationship by Clan
An essential basis of our way of life. Diné kinship and family relationship, K’e’ teaches and demonstrates proper relationships and attitudes. 

SAAD: Understanding Self-expression
We must understand our self-expressions. Self-expression includes speech, song, and daily behavior. 

AJOOBA: Strengthening Positive Values
Our students’ and our people’s happiness is of the utmost importance. We ensure their happiness by instilling positive values. 

IINÁ: Knowing and Respecting the Value of Companionship
Traditional Diné teachings emphasize the importance of companionship and friendship. These teachings culminate in the marriage relationship. Iiná teaches the proper relationship between males and females.

We Believe Every Student has the right to:

  • A life enhancing, quality education
  • A harmonious life
  • The opportunity to become a productive member of the Diné Nation
  • Acquire basic academic skills in order to further their education or employment
  • Learn responsibility for themselves through activities promoting self-discipline
  • A Diné learning experience encompassing language, history, and cultural values
  • Positive self-image nurtured through Diné pride and Diné cultural awareness
  • The ability to speak, read and write in both Diné and English